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testimonials"I met a friend I hadn't seen for five years and she inquired about my wife, who she knew had had serious health problems. I told her my wife was better except for Arthritis pains in her legs and that the doctors were giving her calcium but it didn't stop her constant pain. My friend went to her car and brought me some Kelzyme that I had known about before. It was in a powder and she said for my wife to take three teaspoons a day. To our amazement in three days her pain was gone. We ran out of Kelzyme a few months later and in three days the pain was back, we were able to get more and shall take care not to run out again."

T. Murdock, Provo, Utah.

I was fortunate to meet two wonderful men at a Home Show, marketing Everwall Green, which is an incredible paint that has no VOC's nor formaldehydes in it. It is a breathable paint, therefore it is a safe paint for people to use in their homes. With my mind of great curiosity; I had to know the "why" of EverWall Green and "how" this could be accomplished; and was then introduced to Kelzyme being the product which is put into the paint and is the component which creates the breathability of the paint. I was then of course interested in the Kelzyme, only to find out it comes out of kelp beds, and is in it's natural form.
As a user of Calcium, I was intrigued, by the powdery consistency and could only envision how well it would mix with my greens, and knowing the value of Calcium is in the ability for it to break down and dissolve; I just had to buy some. Well the results are incredible. My achy breaky joints have stopped being so achy, and my muscles are more relaxed; so I am living without as much pain as I did before; therefore less anti-inflammatory products which is a blessing for any body. I have noticed a change in my digestive system, and I have also noticed an overall change in my energy level; which I believe would be attributed to the Calcium working more connectively with the other supplements in my diet. Will I continue to purchase Kelzyme, without a doubt; it has given me great relief, noticeable energy and more restful nights.

Donna Dewaard

"A few months after I lost my husband I started having extreme pain in my knee and it was hard for me to walk. My neighbor noticed my difficulty and brought me some caplets of Kelzyme and told me to take three a day. I noticed improvement in a few days and am able to get around much better."

Christine Ducel, Las Angeles, California.

I don’t know where exactly to start, for there has been so many benefits that I have experienced since I have been on Kelzyme. I guess I will go from what I noticed first. After being on the product for about 3 weeks I noticed the red dots on my face that are called rosacia disappeared. Rosacia is caused by digestive tract infections and is a pre-curser to Lupus, which I did not know until after it was gone. I also experienced pins and needles in the front part of my brain and than it went all over my head. Of course I immediately went to the Doctor. He told me that the pins and needles were caused from me finally being able to digest the high dosages of Niacin (that I was on for depression), and that the tingling in the frontal lobe of my brain was me finally having blood flow there. Even bigger news Dr. Hoffer said that I was cured of my severe depression and I didn't need to come back to see him but I am to stay on the program that he put me on and the Kelzyme. I also hurt my back before I went on Kelzyme and my back became so bad that my bodily functions stopped and had to have emergency surgery. I was very fortunate that I had such and excellent surgeon Dr. Sun who preformed this surgery on me. After my surgery Dr. Sun said that I wouldn't get feeling in my foot again. After being on Kelzyme the feeling in my foot came back, then 3 months later I tripped over and landed on my wood coffee table. To my surprise, I still had feeling in my foot and leg and never did lose the feeling in my foot or leg and was able to walk. I believe this is because of the high dosages of digestible Calcium in Kelzyme that held me together. Since I have been on Kelzyme, I have also lost so much weight that when I am asked for my drivers license I have to present another piece of identification because no one believes that it is me or that I am older than 25, which I will be 35 in December and I have lost approximately 100 lbs since my drivers license picture was taken. My successes have been so great with Kelzyme that I am now a sales representative for this product and believe everyone should be on Kelzyme; for most people are deficient in their trace minerals and most people have digestive problems. If it can do this much for me, just think what it can do for you.

Tina Gamlin, Victoria BC

After 3 weeks of taking 3 capsules of Kelzyme a day, I have noticed the following positive results. My eye sight has improved, I can now read some things that I could not read before without my glasses, and my eyes are not tired anymore after reading. Incredibly enough I had gout and had to take medicine on a daily basis. I have stopped the medicine and the gout is gone. I am a true believer in this product and feel fortunate to have discovered it.

David Harrison, Victoria, British Columbia

"My grand niece was expecting a baby and was completely miserable with leg cramps and had trouble eating. I knew she needed extra calcium for herself and also the baby which her doctor had prescribed but didn't seem to be doing all the help she needed. I got her some Kelzyme capsules and told her to take three a day. She felt much better and the joy is that she gave birth to an eight month boy who looked as though he had gone full term. He started eating and gaining without any problem, cries very little and in all seems to have a good start in life."

Karen McMillian, Hollywood, California.

testimonials"My husband and I have a hobby of gardening and as we have very little space we try to raise our vegetables hydroponically. One day a friend came to see us and told us about Kelzyme which she said was good for all living things, plants, animals and people. She said it was very high in calcium but also contained all the beneficial minerals needed for balanced health. We started using Kelzyme and never have we had such growth and abundant yield, we noticed the difference in three weeks. We own a magnificent horse so we started giving the horse a tablespoonful each day in his food, his spirits, coat and eyes show how much it has helped him. Since seeing this benefit we are going to add Kelzyme to our diet."

Mr. & Mrs. Globas, Beverly Hills, California.

"I had used Kelzyme on my plants for a long time but had not thought about taking it for my own health. My hands were getting very knotted on the first joints of my fingers and I couldn't play my piano anymore, also I had leg cramps so bad I had to stop the car and get out and walk and at night I had to get out of bed and walk them out of my muscles. I knew I needed calcium but hadn't bothered to get it. I started taking Kelzyme, just one triple O capsule every morning and my hands are almost back to normal and I never have leg cramps anymore. All this in six short months!

Lee Anderson, Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Over the past four years, we have used three carloads of Kelzyme on about 300 acres. We find that we are having less insect infestation than the surrounding farms and feel that it is the Kelzyme that is primarily responsible."

Dr. Ross H. McClaskey

Robert J. McNally, chemical engineer, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, reports the following great results:

"I am a retired chemical engineer, one area of professional expertise being fertilizer, particularly phosphate fertilizers. As an expert in horticulture, I mix many of the fertilizers and potting soils I use and with which I experiment.

After studying the uses and results of Kelzyme, as well as using it myself, the following are some firsthand observations:

testimonialsKelzyme seems to cause 'twinning' as well as increased flower production. Starting with the same potting soil from a well mixed batch of my own composition, I planted two 2" high petunias in pots, each containing a teaspoon of Kelzyme. The other two pots received 'sister' petunias, but no Kelzyme was added. The pots containing Kelzyme very soon had grown two stems; the others were single-stemmed. The mature plants with the Kelzyme added had about three times the number of blossoms as the plants without Kelzyme.

In the summer of 1986, I grew a 105 lb. Connecticut field variety pumpkin with a 34" diameter. There was no other particular change in gardening practice other than adding a tablespoon of Kelzyme to the pumpkin hill prior to planting.

My new black raspberry vines, next year's producers, are over nine feet long and heavily twinned. Their narrow, one foot bed received a teaspoon of Kelzyme per running foot.

My two year old white grape vines produces two bunches of grapes last year. This year, they're loaded, with the vines going wild. They received a tablespoon of Kelzyme last spring."

Dr. Ross H. McClaskey reports the following:

In General - "Over the past four years, we have used three carloads of Kelzyme on about 300 acres. We find that we are having less insect infestation than the surrounding farms and feel that it is the Kelzyme that is primarily responsible."

Oranges - " Since 1940, I have been in the citrus business and have owned the present 50 acres since 1949. In my present grove, I have had some very sick trees and could not find anything that would do them any good.

I learned of Kelzyme and applied it to 25 acres at the rate of 2# per tree. My grove is under
non-cultivation, so I put the Kelzyme in the furrow. In a matter of a few weeks, the sick trees
began to snap out of it, and I can see now that they are on the road to recovery. In fact, it
is impossible to determine by observation on some of them which ones were sick. Before I applied Kelzyme, the leaves were small and had a yellowish color. now, the leaves are much larger and have a green color. Where I applied Kelzyme, I was able to get oranges far larger and of better color than from the untreated trees.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the results from Kelzyme. I plan to use it on everything this coming year."

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